Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Creed run in from 2002

Scott Phillips from Creed.
I will be seeing him on 9/5/12 at the Durham Performing Arts Center.
I always get backstage passes for them.
But, I have lost a lot of weight since 2002, when this picture was taken in Philladelphia.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Office Mates

So we moved offices around last Friday.

I now share an office with someone.

Honestly?  IT SUCKS.

The person that I share an office with talks WAY too much.  I have 2 huge certification tests coming up and I spend probably 1/2 my day working on studying for those.  The other half is my daily stuff....internal audits, meetings, etc.

Last Tuesday, we were told where we would be moving.  I have known this was coming for a while and have been ok with it.  I get along with everyone for the most part.

But this guy.....ugh.  He is never here.  Since December when his vacation/sick/personal time renewed, he has used EVERY BIT OF IT.  He's getting ready to be out for a month or more with neck surgery starting this Thursday.  He is being considered for a supervisor position and goes on and on about how he is not going to take it if they don't show him the money, because they have been taking advantage of him for the past 2 years beceause they don't pay him enough for the position.  blah, blah, blahblahblah.


You put out 167 (his count) applications/resumes and where we work was the ONLY place to offer you anything?  And THAT is only because you worked with our supervisor before.


All I have to say is when they build the new offices, I better be one of the first ones to move.....

Got in a 30 min walk last night.  Going for 45 mins tonight then Thursday, going to do my whole 5-mile circuit in preparation for the Yellow Brick Road 5-mile in Roxboro on Saturday.  I wanted to run it, but since tearing my hamstring, I am more than likely walking most of it.  Which is ok with me.  I just want to DO it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A short hiatus and a torn hamstring

Yes, I have been MIA.

I am a slacker.

I tore my hamstring doing of all things, water skiing.

So, I have been in a bout of depression.  Or self-pitty, however you want to look at it. 

But, in the infamous words of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining".......Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Lynn!!

Today is a new day and I am back at it.  I have wallowed around long enough.  I need to get back on track....I was doing so well.  I am up 8 lbs.  But, I know most of that will fall right back off.  I really haven't been eating THAT terribly. 

And, while I have been having my pitty-party, I still have a lot to celebrate.

We made it through our SQF Audit.  We have worked towards this audit for 19 months.  And we did it MUCH better than anyone could have thought.  We got an EXCELLENT rating.  99.02%.  And the auditor raved on how I did my verifications and validations.  He was very impressed. 

Now, comes the hard part.

Keeping it.

Our company president is also the acting president of AIB, which is our certification body.

No pressure :p

I am in the process of getting my HACCP certification.  Once that is done, I will go for my SQF Practitioner certification.  Meaning, I will be over the entire SQF Program.

Again, no pressure.

But it means something more......I have been working towards a management position for the past 20 years at various companies.  And I'm about to get it!!!

So, no more self-pity.

Back to taking care of ME.