Monday, January 21, 2013

Triad Muse - Performance Nutrition Review

So, I've been bad at blogging....

Bad at sticking to working out......

Bad at just about everything....

But one thing I am good at, is eating.

This week, a friend of mine talked me into trying some meals from Muse Catering.  They have a section called Muse Performance Nutrition. 

Triad Muse is the website.

The Menu is AMAZING.  This week, I tried the Asian Beef.  Nutritional breakdown is as follows:

Calories 532
Protein 64g
Carbs 28g
Fat 13g
Fiber 2g
Sodium 34%

This was the "light" version.  It filled me up.  I will definitely make it to dinner on this!  You can buy the meals in pack of 5 or 10.  You don't have to get 5 or 10 of the same thing, but you can mix and match.  These are great for me to have here at work because I forget or don't have time to make my meals a lot and this will be a MUCH healthier alternative to say....McDonalds.

The menu this week looks like this:

Here is this Week's Menu:

Classic Beef Ropa Vieja with Orange Zest, Cuban Rice
and Collard Greens
Calories 418   LITE 367
Protein 48g Carbohydrate 17g Fat 8g Fiber 4g Sodium 21%
Protein 39g Carbohydrate 18g Fat 6g Fiber 3g Sodium 15%
Five-Meal Package: $11.50
Ten-Meal Package: $10.75

Rigatoni Bolognese with Tomato-Meat Sauce
and Parmesan Cheese
Calories 630   LITE 512
Protein 30g Carbohydrate 33g Fat 40g Fiber 7g Sodium 31%
Protein 24g Carbohydrate 25g Fat 30g Fiber 3g Sodium 22%
Five-MealPackage: $11.50
Ten-MealPackage: $10.75

Risotto of Beef and Exotic Mushrooms with Spinach
and Reggiano Parmesan
Calories 486   LITE 424
Protein 51g Carbohydrate 44g Fat 14g Fiber 4g Sodium 34%
Protein 44g Carbohydrate 32g Fat 10g Fiber 3g Sodium 27%
Ten-Meal Package:$12.75

Oven-Roasted Pork Loin with Sweet Potatoes, Baked Apples, Collard Greens and Sage Gastrique 
Calories 555  LITE 423
Protein 49g Carbohydrate 22g Fat 29g Fiber 3g Sodium 17%
Protein 34g Carbohydrate 18g Fat 18g Fiber 2g Sodium 14%
Five-Meal Package: $11.50
Ten-Meal Package: $10.75

Scottish Salmon with Couscous, Fresh Basil, Goat Cheese,
 Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach
Calories 495 LITE 431
Protein 3g Carbohydrate 40g Fat 21g Fiber 7g Sodium 24%
Protein 27g Carbohydrate 31g Fat 17g Fiber 5g Sodium 18%
Five-Meal Package: $14.50
Ten-Meal Package: $13.75

Wine-Braised Hungarian Chicken with Tomatoes, Spices,
Baked Pasta and Baby Green Beans
Calories 423 LITE 398
Protein 50g Carbohydrate 17g Fat 8g Fiber 4g Sodium 28%
Protein 37g Carbohydrate 12g Fat 6g Fiber 2g Sodium 18%
Five-Meal Package: $9.50
Ten-Meal Package: $8.75

Healthy Eating Never Tasted So Good
Eating right doesn't need to be boring.  We use the best of our local ingredients and prepare them with lean, vibrant flavors from herbs, spices and reduced broths to bring their inherent, natural flavor to life. We use olive oil, safflower oil, and even butter in our dishes, serving you real food in thoughtful portion sizes that leave you feeling sated and energized, not sluggish and weighed down. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and enjoy Performance Nutrition, the best part of your healthy lifestyle!

They bring the meals to you in a sealed package - vacuum sealed.  And they are delivered every Friday.  A friend of mine who joined the weightloss site Healthy is doing this to help her lose weight for the competition.  She is also doing it because her husband is going through intense cancer treatment for the next year as part of a research study group.  This way, she knows they are getting healthy meals without a lot of prep time.  She has more time to spend with him and their daughter.

She also had gastric bypass surgery several (over 8) years ago (and gained all her weight back, plus some) and has to watch her nutrition numbers. 

Tonight, I am not going to the gym - we are workong on cleaning the house.  I mean REALLY cleaning - spring cleaning, if you will.  We scrubbed both bathrooms yesterday from top to bottom, including the ceiling.  My room of choice for tonight is the kitchen.  Megan is cooking dinner - Korean chicken wings.  So, while she is cooking (and hopefully cleaning up!!) I will be working on re-organizing my shelf over the washer and dryer, which is where I store most of my small appliances because I have an incredibly small amount of cabinet space. 

This weekend is the huge task - the dining room - which looks like, well I don't know, but NOT anything like a dining room.  Going to go to Hobby Lobby to get a new cabinet for my dvd's and get rid of 2 computer desks and 2 bookshelves.  So Excited!!