Megan and I in the Ribbon Race in 2008

Me and Jewel 2011 - I can't belive I subjected her to my weight

Me and Jewel 2008 - at my heaviest, around 265

My beautiful family - Michael Jr, Megan, me and Michael

Me with Scott Phillips from Creed - New Year's 2002.

Us being goofy - November 2011

My favorite picture of the 4 of us - November 2011

Run to Victory - Victory Junction Gang Camp 5K, September 24, 2011

Mikey's back tattoo in memory of my dear father-in-law.  The decal for this fish was on the back of his Dodge pickup - he was an avid bass fisherman.

Megan's forearm tattoo. - forget-me-nots

My Libby Lou (1yo) and Georgianna (11yo)


Me and 2 very dear high school friends - Teresa on the left and Danny on the right.  I hadn't seen Danny in literally 23 years - he looks EXCACTLY like he did in high school...same hair, just about same weight, everything.  Me?  Not so much....