Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - The Yellow Brick Road 5-Mile Race

Mikey and I ran in the 1st Annual Yellow Brick Road 5-Mile Race in Roxboro, NC on July 14th.

Mikey placed 3rd in his age group (20-29) and 44th overall.  I placed 13th in my age group and 118th overall (out of 321 people).

This was a huge deal to me, as I tore my hamstring 2 weeks ago water skiing, but I was determined to finish this race, as it was the first one of the season.  My son is a huge help to me in my running and it’s something he and I enjoy doing together.

Me at the finish line

Waiting for the door prizes

Start line

Me moving ahead

Like this one - this is about 1/2 mile in

Mikey at the finish

Random costume wearers

I passed the mayor of Munchkinland!

Mikey getting his trophy