Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Days Gone Bye

Days have been flying by here lately. 

Work has been super crazy - with a trip to Cincinnati (pictures to come), having to come in at 4am when a certain customer comes in to watch their product run (which has caused me to work 21 hours....yes, 21 one day) and on and on and on.

I'm not going to make any excuses as to what is going on with my weight loss and with my workouts.  It's all on me.  I have full responsibility for my actions.

Last night was the first night back to the gym in forever.  And I was so happy I went.  I did almost pass out in weight lifting class, though.  My blood pressure got too high. 

And I have gained some back.  I can tell because my hernia is acting up again.  I could tell a big difference when I was losing steadily before, because I couldn't feel my hernia as much.  It didn't pop up so often.  Gotta get back down to that.

More later.