Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Oh how I miss being a band parent!

Providence Grove High School at the 2010 Wildcat Classic - they took first in all divisions, including high point band of the day.  My daughter was one of the guard captains.  Show was titled Length, Width and Height

Providence Grove High School at the 2009 Ragsdale Band Festival on 10/31/2009.  Show was titled The Four Elements

Random football and competition pictures:


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall - I'm ready for it

This summer hasn't been too terribly bad.

But I am ready for fall.  It's not the temperature.  It's the smell.  And the colors. 

Living in North Carolnia, we have some of the prettiest fall foliage around.  We go driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway and just look at the leaves and take pictures.  Even as far east as we are, we get some very pretty pictures here too.  I want the kids to go get their pictures taken on the UNCG campus this fall.  In spring, it's pretty too.....but nothing beats fall.

I went to Zumba last was a lot of fun.  Tassie, the instructor told us she is going for her re-certification so we will have some new songs to do soon. 

Tonight is Hip Hop, then Power.  Ugh.  It'll also be eat out night, since I hate cooking that late.  I'll be getting a salad from Isabellas.

Short and sweet today :)

And, in reference to the post I made are the 2 parts for the Jimmy Fallon - Troll Doll Jingles skit

For some reason, blogger is being dumb about posting the link as a video....the second part is below.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back on Track

Well, after about a month or so off-track and half-assing everything, I think that I am back into the groove of things.

I just totally lost track.  I gained back 8lbs, which will come off this next week since I am back on drinking my water and eating.  I am also back into going to the gym.  Nellie has been pushing me this past week, and even though I have been half-assing the eating and water, I am really working on the gym.  I want to be at at least 199 by Thanksgiving when I go home to visit Mom.  I saw her in March and it was after that trip that I really started working on this.

If I hadn't quit, this would have been my 22nd week in a row working out and eating right.  I would have probably been under 200 by now.  I'm in no way giving up, that is for sure.  That is in no way an option.

I was at my mother-in-laws last week and we were going through old pictures.  I was flipping skinny even when I was pregnant.  My hair was long and Michael and I were talking and he really wants me to grow my hair back out.  I have been looking for long dos that would still not make me look 10 years older.  I look younger with shorter hair.  So, I think I will make an appointment with Christine, my hairdresser, and see what she can suggest.  I have this stupid naturally curly thing, so it has to get down past my shoulders before I can really do anything with it.  I want to get it colored again, but I also want to be able to do more than throw it up in a ponytail.

This Saturday, I went to visit my son in Raleigh.  He moved back for school last Tuesday.  It's so hard to believe that he is a senior at NC State this year.  Boy, I feel old, lol.

On the way there, I was listening ot one of the comedy stations on Serious satellite radio and this came on:

It as HYSTERICAL!!!  Especially the ones that were supposed to be REM and Alanis Morrisette auditioning, lol

Then, Mikey and I went to Sushi Nine for lunch.  It was AMAZING.  Most of the sushi that I have had has come from Japanese restraunts or Chinese buffet.  I had never been to an acutal Sushi place.

What made it better is that all the rolls were BOGO, so a 70.00 dinner was only 32.00. lol

I had the Rainbow Roll and the Lobster Roll

Mikey had the North Carolina Roll and the Wolfpack Roll:

We were going to go to Cheesecake Factory, but we decided on Sushi Nine.  I'm glad we did becase I definitely do not need cheesecake :p.

Then, we went to Trader Joes and I found the most amazing thing ever.....Cookie Butter!!  It's like peanut butter, but it tastes like a damn oatmeal cookie.  It's wondermous!!  The guy at the checkout said it should come with a warning label, and boy was he right!!  We got him some food for the apartment and some beverages and then I took him back and headed home.

Friday night I had found Sugar Cookie Vodka.  I have been looking for this ever since a lake trip where Leslie had it mixed with diet root beer.

It's a nice combo to have at night before I go to bed.

Ok, enough for now.....Zumba tonight and will catch up my weigh in page with the correct weight tomorrow morning.