Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I AM in control

Yesterday was a great day food-wise for me.  I ate good at work and then for dinner, I made the realization that I did not NEED 2 slices of greasy italian cheesy bread.  It was gross.  So I gave the other slice to Mikey (every one knows, Mikey eats EVERYTHING).  I actually ended up having 3 points left for the day, and I didnt' want anything else, because I was full.  So I just left them.

The 4 pounds that I was up as of Sunday are now gone.  Back down to 234.6!!  But, vacation starts tomorrow, so we'll have to see how I do then.  I do plan on indulging in some adult beverages while we are there, amost definitely some calamari, so we'll see :)

I went to Zumba and it totally rocked.  Even without Tassie (the normal insturctor) there.  Nellie and I have this theory that Tassie is pregnant.  But we're not sure.  If she's at Hip Hop tonight, we'll have to investigate further.....I would hate to lose her if she is, but I would be happy for her at the same time!

After Zumba, met Jody and Mikey to walk.  We did 2 miles yesterday evening.  Mikey needs to get some new running shoes so that we can start running.  He is going to be like my running coach.  We are doing a 5-mile race in July - The Yellow Brick Road Run in Roxboro.  It "says" it's flat with a 1/2 mile hill at the end - thought it doesn't say if it's uphill or downhill.  But that's ok...most of my walking/running is already in a hilly area, or on hill intervals on the treadmill, so I should be good.  Just got to build up to 5 miles from 3.

My daughter just uploaded these to her facebook and  I thought I would share....these are from my mother's day/birthday dinner at Asahi.  I love going there for Japanese food.  They have the best sushi.  They also try to feed you way too much!!!

My 2 awesome offspring, Megan and Michael Jr.

Meg and Mikey being silly as we were going back out to the car after dinner

Chicken and shrimp

Spicy yellowtail mango avocado roll

Onion volcano!!!  boo!!  Be scared!!

Daddy's girl :)

Crunchy spicy tuna avocado roll

Me and the hubby....a picture that actually doesn't suck of me!!

Hip hop tonight~~  Then walk with Mikey and Jody.  Megan is supposed to give both dogs a bath today and Mikey is supposed to spray down the couches and dining room carpet with flea/tick spray.  After hip hop and walking, home to run 1 load of laundry, then finish packing.

Outer Banks tomorrow, baby!!!  Woot~~

Monday, May 21, 2012

2 days to go....and a new knitting project!

It was a great weekend.  I worked on Saturday because guess what...

The hubby and I are leaving for the Outer Banks on Wednesday!!!  No kids....just the Libby Lou (my bouncy boxer girl).  I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!

I bought 3 sundresses to wear out to dinner while we are there.  Not that we have to dress up for dinner, but I WANT TO.  This trip is going to be AWESOME!  We have never been to the outer banks, and have wanted to go for a long time.  We are both hoping that this will turn into something that we do together at least twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall.

We are staying on Hatteras Island.  We will be less than a mile from the lighthouse.  I am going to climb the lighthouse steps and not die.  That was one of my main goals before the trip (other than a smaller sized bathing suit) that I wanted  to hit.  I also wanted to go to Corolla and see the wild horses, but Corolla is over an hour from Hatteras, so I don't think that is going to happen :(.  Unless we do it Saturday morning on the way home. 

There is also an awesome fish market at the lower end of Hatteras that I want to go to and get some fresh fish to take home.  I love fish.  And I like it either broiled, grilled, or baked.  I'm not big on fried, at least anymore.  And, it's what I eat about 75% of the time.  It's just better for you. 

I found out last night that the main restraunt that I want to eat at is within walking distance of the motel.  A bit pricy at between 17.00 and 24.00 a plate, but to be honest, that is good for the coast.  And from what I have heard and read, it's GREAT food. 

Ok, enough jabber about the Outer Banks.

The main reason I changed the name of this blog to Running Stitches is because I wanted to incorporate my sewing blog into it. 

I started a new knitting project this weekend.  This is going to be for my brother's girlfriend's daughter.  This kid is so sweet.  She's 13, I think?  She has been through a hell of a lot for a kid.  And I really enjoyed meeting and talking to her while I visited mom in March.

She likes bright colors.  I decided to do a 2-color pattern - it's a plaid stitch.  And I enjoy doing it.  I really didn't need to buy ANOTHER knitting stitch book, but I'm glad that I did....I have used 3 stitches out of it already and they are all really easy to follow.

I hope she likes it.  I haven't decided if I'm just going to do a scarf with it, or make panels and make an afghan out of it. 

Now, from the weight loss standpoint.....

Last week was aweful.  It was that time of month, plus my birthday last week.  I didn't want to go to the gym or eat right.  So, after I saw a 4 pound gain this week (Sunday is my weigh in day), even though I know that most of it is probably water weight, I need to buck up and get my head on straight.

I did 9 miles yesterday - 5.5 in the morning with my walking buddy, then another 3.5 yesterday afternoon with my son.  He wants to get back to his wrestling shape, so we are going to start running, playing some tennis (yeah....this ought to be interesting) and trying disc golf.  I am so happy to have him home for the summer....extra encouragement is always great~~!~~

Let's see....zumba tonight, then walk w/ Jody and Mikey......Hip hop tomorrow and walk again....then Wednesday, I get to run on the beach for 4 days.  YAY!!!