Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Allergies and Weird Weather

I had another allergy attack this weekend.  I had to go get a shot on Monday.  I thought  I was getting the flu that is flying around here like mad, but luckily I dodged that bulled.

The weather has been CRAZY!!

Sunday it was 74.

Today it's 39 with a chance of snow/ice overnight. 

We need a good, hard freeze to kill off all the germs and fleas and bugs that have been going nuts for the past 2 years.

Global warming?

Heck if I know.  Weather has always been pretty mild in my part of the country, so it's hard to figure out.

Megan and I discovered a really cool Asian market last Thursday here in Greensboro.  HUGE place.  Have tried lots of new things.

My new best friend - Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds.

Going to the gym tonight.  Haven't been since last Thursday.  Need to stay on track this time because I want to be back in the 100's by May.  Pretty attainable if you ask me.


  1. Well, good luck getting a ride to the airport from Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds. Some best friend!

    1. Jack, LOL!! I know, I know. But at least they don't randomly call me after you have been friends for 4 years and say you can't be friends anymore because you got them a job where you work O.o.