Friday, January 11, 2013

Teacher bravely disarms shooter - great story, but

Hero teacher bravely confronts, disarms California school shooter

Awesome, awesome story!!

But, my son will graduate in May with a degree in education.

I seriously fear for his life.  Every day.

But then, anything can happen at any given time.

When I was in school back in the stone ages **cough** (I graduated in 1989), there was nothing like this.  no school shooting.

Were there shootings?


Just not at school.

My junior year of high school, there was this party.  Half the school, at least, was invited.  I've tried doing a google search for it and I can't find anything.  Trying to remember back to then is hard.  All I can remember is that the boy that was killed's name was Brian and the boy that shot him was Jason.

Jason killed Brian over a fudgescicle.

Dumb, right?

Brian was 20, and at the time, that was legal, if I remember right, to buy alcohol, or he got someone else to get it.  There was beer involved.  Jason was 15.


I think that was the first time ever I heard of a teenager shooting and killing someone.  At least where I lived at the time.

Why did Jason shoot Brian over a fudgescicle?

Because Jason's step father was abusive and they told him there had better not be any food missing from the house when they got back from a week-long trip they were on.  Meaning, no missing fudgescicles and he was supposed to eat elsewhere while they were gone.

Being as there was alcohol involved, Jason was not thinking.  He went to his step father's room, got the gun, told Brian to put the fudgescicle back, and when Brian didn't comply, he shot him.

In front of about 30 people.

I can remember in the week that followed the shooting, there was a line all the way around the round (our high school was looks like a prison) waiting to talk to the guidance counselors.  Kids were terrified.  Scared it was going to happen to them.  Scared for Jason, who at 15, was tried as an adult and sentanced to 30 years in prison for manslaughter.  Sad for Brian's family.

Crazy, right?

And now, things like this are common place.  We hear about them on just about a daily basis.

And it makes me sad...and scared.

But, I support my son's choice 100%.  And I'll be there for him if he ever has to go through anything like this, and I pray that he does not. 

Just as I pray that nothing like the shootings that have happened all over the world will not happen again.


Melancholy day, I guess.

But a good story!!

Gym tonight! 

Oh, and an update on Georgianna - she is a perfectly healthy 13yo boxer, just needs to lose some weight - just like me, lol.

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