Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend Warrior - and some more Florida pics :P

It's Saturday.

I'm at work.....

Surprise, surprise, surprise.......

I'm leaving around noon and I want to go home and re-arrange my kitchen and do some cleaning and get laundry out of the way because tomorrow I want to do NOTHING!

Except get my 5 mile walk in that I have been neglecting.

Last night, didn't get to the gym because of having to go to my mother in laws old house to go through her pantry and spices.  Got a bunch of great stuff, but man, she can't concentrate on ANYTHING!  Ugh.  Worked on it for 10 minutes "Ok, I'm ready to call it a night".  Now I see why she didn't get everything to Florida in one trip.  *sigh*

For some reason I can't pull up Blogger at home on any computer in the house.  It's weird.  I've tried different browsers, resetting my computers settings, and everything and can't get it to come up.

So I can only post from work O.o.


Making Tortellini soup tonight!  Tomorrow, we are celebrating my son's 22nd birthday at Arigato Japaneses Steakhouse.  Monday he starts student teaching and he graduates from NC State in May.  I'm getting old.....and my youngest goes back to GTCC on Monday, too.  She turns 20 next month.

Better get back to the is another batch of pictures from the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Refuge.

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