Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If caffeine is not a drug....

Then why do you feel so crappy when you quit partaking in it?

I decided to stop drinking caffeine yesterday.  I don't drink a whole lot of it, but I decided to stop drinking it again.  I usually have one cup of coffee in the morning.  Mostly just so I have somthing to drink when I get up.  I've gotten to where I just grab a bottle of water instead. 

I have a meeting tonight.  It's a dinner meeting that I have once a month that helps me earn education credits for one of my certifications so I don't have to re-test when my certification time is up. 

I'm leaving at 3:30 so that I can get to the gym before I have to be at the meeting at 5pm.  They feed us dinner at the meeting.  Most of the time it's really gross pizza (seriously) and salad.  Sometimes some kind of pasta.  If the meeting wasn't so long, I would just wait til I got home to eat.  My Greek yogurt is NOT going to last til we eat dinner at 6:15ish :p.  Maybe I will grab a chicken sandwich or something on the way there. 

This week at work has been very hectic so far.  I have an unannounced audit that will happen any day - at least we know approximatley when it will be.  The guy comes the same time every year.  Usually the day before or the day after my son's birthday.

Speaking of my son, he is student teaching this semester.  Hard to believe that he will be 22 on Thursday.  He graduates from NC State in May with a degree in Science Education with a concentration in Physics.

One of the dogs is sick.  If she's not doing any better by tomorrow, I am going to have Megan take her to the vet.  She is 13 (the dog, not Megan :p), so unless it's something easy to fix, there really isn't very much they can do.  We know she has several tumors - begnin for the most part.  But there is no telling what's going on inside.  Most of the tumors are mamary.  She's still eating and bouncing around...she just has a cough and is vomitting.  I have a feeling it may be her heart :(.

Anywho.  Until later....

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